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This terms of use defines terms and conditions of booking and renting cabins.


Pre-booking a cabin (through www.wakacjewrewalu.com.pl website) is explicit to the acceptance of this terms of use.


Pre-booking, that is mentioned in #1 is verified by the payment in advance 30% of the total cost of renting a cabin within 48h (this considers the date of receiving the money on the payee’s account: 69 1940 1076 6113 0090 0000 0000). If the payment is not made, the reservation is cancelled.


After the booking (that is paying 30% of the advance on renting a cabin), the lease agreement is made. Renting of the cabin includes the right to use the cabin along with its equipment for the appointed date and the appointed amount of people. The Renter has also the right to use one of the parking spots for a car. Renting does not include the costs of the drive, meals, and cleaning supplies.


The reservation equals the agreement of the processing personal data in order to book a cabin and fulfill the registration duty in accordance with the regulation of 29.08.1997 concerning the protection of personal data. The Renter has the insight into his/her personal data and can update it.


If the reservation is made, the rest of the payment for renting a cabin should be paid no later than at the day of the arrival. If the Renter shortens the stay, the cost of the unused renting days is forfeited.


If the Renter resigns from renting the cabin, and the cause is independent of the tenant, the advance payment is forfeited.


The booking includes 7day stay from Saturday to Saturday. The lease time is calculated by the days. The day starts at 8PM (the arrival) and ends at 10AM (departure).


At the day of arrival, the renter has the duty to inform the Tenant or the person responsible for the keys about the possibility of arriving after 8PM.


Handing the cabin to rent and handing it over is possible only in the presence of the Renter or the authorized person. After renting the Renter has the duty of checking the condition of the cabin’s equipment (furniture, doors, windows, devices etc.). Each damage should be reported immediately.


If there is no damage at the day of arrival, the cabin with its equipment is considered to be handed without any damage.


If there is a damage of the cabin or its equipment at the day of departure, the Renter is charged with the cost of the damage. He/she also agrees to be charged with the cost of repairing the damage. This bill is settled on the spot.


The visitors are allowed to stay on the premises of Adamówka until 11PM.


After the Renter’s request, an additional person can be accommodated, if the Tenant allows it, and all the formalities concerning the accommodation and the payment according to the payment plan should be made.


Using fire, smoking and using other illegal substances is prohibited in the cabins. If there is a fire or other danger, the Renter and the people located in the cabin should follow the fire instructions hanged in the cabins.


Barbecuing is allowed only at the designated areas. All the fire instructions should be obeyed.


The parking spot of the one car is included in the price of the rent. Parking cars is possible only in the designated area or in the area indicated by the Tenant.


The quiet hours are enforced form 10PM until 6AM.


The Renter is obliged to report every damage immediately in order to repair it.


The Renter is obliged to maintain the cabin as it was handel over. That includes cleaning up, washing the dishes, taking out the garbage.


The Tenant is not responsible for temporary inconveniences of using the cabin, that are caused by the independent suppliers, such as lack of water, power, etc.


The Tenant is not responsible for the Renter’s equipment left unattended at the premises of “Adamówka”. The duty of protecting the equipment from robbery or damage rests upon the Renter.


The Tenant is not responsible legally for the damage or theft of the Renter’s car left at the premises of „Adamówka”.


The Renter is not allowed to keep any pets.


The Renter is obliged to obey the rules of the neighborhood, quiet hours, and the rules of fire safety.


The legal disputes arose from the cabin’s renting are solved using the Polish law. Possible arguments are settled out of court. If there is no agreement, the Tenant and the Renter submit the argument concerning the cabin’s rent to the proper court.

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